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Stringer Side Mount LED Light - Yellow 5mm

Starting at: CAD $4.50

Yellow in color, the pictures below demonstrates the white version.

The Stringer Side Mount 5mm LED Light can provide illumination across the stair tread by being mounted in the stringer of a set of stairs. These can be mounted only on one side but for the best effect one should be mounted on either side of the stair treads.

They operate on 12 volts DC and have a current rating of 20mA.
Power consumption of this light is 0.24Watts.

Please select the connector style below (click on links below for more information).
Wire Nut - Twisted on and can be twisted off
Crimp Connector - Permanent style connector
Gel Crimp Connector - Gel filled to keep moisture out of the permanent connection
Crimp Cap - Permanent style connector

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