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LED Strip Light - 5 Meter - White
These five meter Whi...
LED Strip Light - 5 Meter - White
CAD $44.99

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Black Surface Mount LED Light

Starting at: CAD $9.99

These Black Surface Mount LED Light are great for carpeted stairs where it would be difficult to drill a hole with a hole saw. A center hole is needed for the wires to run to the back side of the stairs and two screws are used to mount the LED light onto the stairs.

These lights have 2 or 3 bright LEDs and have a 100,000 hour rated life. These lights are waterproof so they would be fine in areas where they will get wet.

They operate on 12 volts DC and have a current rating of 20mA.
Power consumption of this light is 0.24 Watts.

Please select the connector style below (click on links below for more information).
Wire Nut - Twisted on and can be twisted off
Crimp Connector - Permanent style connector
Gel Crimp Connector - Gel filled to keep moisture out of the permanent connection
Crimp Cap - Permanent style connector

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