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LED Strip Light - 1 Foot - Blue
These one foot Blue ...
LED Strip Light - 1 Foot - Blue
CAD $9.99

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White Flush Mount LED Light

Starting at: CAD $15.99

These White Flush Mount LED Light are great for hardwood and painted stair situations. A hole needs to be drilled with a hole saw for the body of the device to sit in. The front cover of the light snaps off and 4 hidden screws are used to mount the LED light onto the stairs.

These lights have 3 bright LEDs and have a 100,000 hour rated life. These lights are waterproof so they would be fine in areas where they will get wet.

They operate on 12 volts DC and have a current rating of 20mA.
Power consumption of this light is 0.24 Watts.

Please select the connector style below (click on links below for more information).
Wire Nut - Twisted on and can be twisted off
Crimp Connector - Permanent style connector
Gel Crimp Connector - Gel filled to keep moisture out of the permanent connection
Crimp Cap - Permanent style connector

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