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LED Strip Light - 2 Foot - White
These two foot White...
LED Strip Light - 2 Foot - White
CAD $17.99

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Gel Filled Wire Crimp Connectors - 40 Pack

CAD $7.49

This is a 40 pack of gel filled wire crimp connectors. There are ideal for connecting the 18/2 or 18/3 LVT wire together when wiring up a stair lighting controller kit. The gel in this connector is to prevent moisture from entering the crimp. This will allow the connection to hold up better in damp conditions. This is a permanent type of connection, if you need something that is not permanent please have a look at our wire nuts.

The connector has one open end where the stripped and twisted wires are inserted, the connector is then squeezed using a pair of pliers which permanently locks the wires into the connector. The connector has many small teeth inside which bite onto the internal wires. The connector is encased in plastic to ensure that the connection is well insulated.

Please note that this product is packaged by weight.

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