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Stringer Side Mount LED Light - Red 10mm
Red in color, the vi...
Stringer Side Mount LED Light - Red 10mm
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Model 2000 Stair Lighting Controller

Starting at: CAD $429.99


The Reactive Lighting Model 2000 Stair Lighting Controller is packed with features which will enhance the safety of your stairs and give you incredible wow factor. This is because the system is fully automatic, as you enter your stairwell the lights will light your path. The system is simple to configure using the config switches inside the cabinet, you could change the way your stairs light every week if you want! Watch the second half of the video below for an example of one of the lighting modes. We will have demonstration videos of all lighting modes soon.


  * 8 Lighting Sequence Modes

* Smooth Fade

* Smooth Fade Slow
* One at a time
* Marquee Lights
* All Fade
* Zip
* Rain
* Random
* 16 independent stair lighting outputs
* User selectable time delays
* Compatible with many activation methods, if it has a dry contact output it can be connected to the system. Examples include:
* Under carpet pressure sensors
* Motion detection systems
* Home Automation system compatible

The kit includes:
* Model 2000 Stair Lighting Controller Circuit Board
* Power Supply (select the size below)
* Ambient Light Sensor
* 2 Curtain Motion Detector
* Metal Cabinet

You will also need:
* Stair Lights
* Electrical parts kits are available in small and large sizes. To save on shipping expenses you might want to purchase these common electrical parts locally.

Video of System in Operation

(See time 1:40 to see the lights operating.)

System Overview

Wiring Diagram and Switch Configuration

Click above image to open PDF

Cabinet Dimensions:
* 31.5cm wide
* 26.5cm tall 
* 9cm deep

Power Supply Options:

You must select a power supply below. Please ensure the power supply is large enough to power the lights that you intend to connect to the stair lighting controller. Each of the stair lights have a power consumption listed in watts. Simply add the total wattage of the lights desired and ensure that the power supply can handle the load.

For example if you have 15 steps and intend to run 2 of the Black Surface Mount LED Lights on each step (30 lights in total) the total lighting wattage would be 30 X 0.24 Watts = 7.2 Watts.
This means that the total lighting load will be 7.2 Watts, the power supply selected must be at least this large.

Power Supply TypeMaximum System LED Light WattageMaximum LED Light Wattage Per Output (16 outputs)
12 Volt, 2 Amp15 Watts3.6 Watts
12 Volt, 6 Amp57 Watts3.6 Watts

Motion Sensor Options:

Please select the motion sensors to be included with your controller below. Either sensor can be used in most situations. The Full Sized Motion Sensor is great for a ceiling mounted situation, the Mini Motion Sensor is much smaller and works well for wall mounting.

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