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Model 1000 Stair Lighting Controller
The Model 1000 stair...
Model 1000 Stair Lighting Controller
CAD $69.99

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Model 1000 Large Installation Kit

CAD $68.45

This is the installation kit that can be used to install a Model 1000 Stair Lighting Controller. There are two install kits available, this one and a smaller one. This large kit is good for most installations of 12 to 16 stairs.

The kit includes:
* 100 feet of 18/2 LVT wire (used for lighting power)
* 40 feet of 18/3 LVT wire (used for switch connections)
* 150 small wire staples
* 25 large wire staples
* 2 low voltage mounting rings
* 2 three-way switches
* 2 switch covers
* 1 small box connector

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